21 years of reruns

(Versión en Español aquí)

September 25th, 1995 marks the date of the last episode of Chespirito. 21 years ago, "Doctor Chapatín" and "El Chompiras" appeared for the last time on a new Chespirito sketch on TV (Canal 2).

Fast forward to September 25th, 2016 and you can still watch Chespirito on TV. Not a lot of programs can enjoy 21 years of syndication in two languages and in 17 countries, but Chespirito does!

At the very beginning of the show in the early seventies, "El Chavo" and "El Chapulin" were the main sketches on the show but as the cast grew old and some of them passed away, Chespirito developed new characters such as Chaparrón Bonaparte along with Dr. Chapatín and Chompiras.

Some say that Televisa wanted to make some changes on the comedy prime-time brand and that decision ultimately led to the last recording of the show. We don't know how long could the show have stayed on... but it doesn't matter now because we can all still enjoy it on TV and even on on-demand streaming services.

This last episode posted above was the very last, but still for me, my favorites usually are El Chavo at school.

Which one is your favorite?

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